Follow these 5 tricks to maintain a niceness of your luxury bag
Due to the high price and premium material of luxury bags, no one wants to let their favourite bag get old.
So, how to extend the usability of the bag for a longer time and to maintain our bags to be as new as the first day we bought them?
Today, KANEKOJI has tricks to take care of your luxury bags for everyone.

  • Always clean your bag after every use
When you go back home, you should wipe your bag with a damp cloth or if you have a specific cleaning product, that would be useful. Because of different types of leathers which make them have different maintenance. Caution is do not use an alcohol to wipe your bag because it will destroy your leather bag at last.

  • Keep your bag in a well-ventilated place
You should put your bag on a shelf that has a normal room temperature and you should not hang or put your bag in your closet because it will make your bag get flabby. Moreover, you should avoid sunlight which is a bag destroyer.

  • Do not put too many stuffs in your bag

Many people bought large bags to put lots of things in there. On the contrary, putting too much stuff in a bag makes it out of shape. If possible, you should bring a bag organizer into your bag to make it easier to keep all the stuff. Importantly, bag organizer also shape your bag to be always beautiful as well.

  • Always keep your bag in a dust bag

Every luxury bag will have a dust bag for keeping. After use, you should keep it in a dust bag to maintain a leather bag. If you do not have a dust bag from a shop, you can use a pillowcase to protect your bag as well. Meanwhile, you should put any papers or clothes to lock your bag into a good shape as always.  

  • Bring your bag to bag spa service

Due to bag spa service which has a bag specialist to clean your particular bag. If you send it to this service, a specialist will clean and repair it properly right to the point.

And these are tricks which KANEKOJI would like to share with everyone for today. Just follow the 5 tricks, your luxury bag will absolutely be fabulous as the first day you bought it.

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