How to sell a second-hand luxury bag at a higher price

Luxury brand lovers will have a moment when they want to sell personal bags. Unfortunately, it can sell at a lower price than normal price.
So that’s why many people decide to keep it because they feel like the price has dropped too much.
Today, KANEKOJI has tips about how to sell a luxury bag at a higher price. If anyone wants to sell a personal luxury bag, you should follow these tips.

  • Planning for your first buying luxury bag

What makes a decision to buy a luxury bag is the preference which depends on personal preference. Someone likes a classic bag because it can be used on every occasion. Someone likes a fashion bag because it is intrend. There’s not any preference that is a wrong decision but if you have a critical thinking that you will sell this bag as a used bag in the future, you will buy a classic bag or signature bag of that brand to speculate a better price. Over the years, some luxury bags have had a higher price. Importantly, if you have a plan, it makes your decision of buying a luxury bag more worthwhile.    

  • The authenticity is the best warranty

Someone leaves a receipt and guarantee card for a luxury bag after buying it because they thought that it is unnecessary. In terms of selling bags, both receipt and guarantee card make your bag get a good price because they can prove that your bag is definitely authentic. So, you should keep all of the stuff which can prove your authentic luxury bag.

  • Always keep your bag clean

Another necessary tip to sell your bag at a higher price is always clean your bag. It does not mean that if your bag is out of shape, it cannot be sold to the shop. Actually, in case that your bag is clean and also has a full accessory, it would be sold at a higher price as well. Thus, always keeping your bag clean is the best way. It not only gets a higher price, but it also maintains your bag leather for longer time use. 

These are tips which KANEKOJI would like to share with luxury brand lovers. For anyone who wants to sell your luxury brand, you can follow these tips. Guarantee that it definitely works. By the way, if you are looking for a place where you can sell your bag, let’s bring it to KANEKOJI. We absolutely give you a higher price than you think. Our shop is surely reliable and able to transfer money immediately after the bag valuation. 

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