The differences between Hi-Street brand and Hi-End brand

If we think about a brand product, we will come up with a product which sells at luxury department stores.

Do you know that it can also be divided into Hi-Street brand and Hi-End brand as well. So, how can we differentiate between these two types of brand products?
KANEKOJI will gladly explain this to all of you.

Hi-End (High-End) brands refer to brand products which are well known and worldwide accepted. They must be brands which have a long history and have been trusted by elites from past to present. Moreover, the production process has to be the best quality which can be exported worldwide. The examples of Hi-End brands which everyone knows well are Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, etc.    

On the contrary, Hi-Street (High-Street) brands are also brand products as well. But, different of Hi-Street brands are about another production line from Hi-End brands. Hi-Street brands also use a good quality material at a cheaper price and they are also available in general department stores. The examples of Hi-Street brands which everyone knows well are Coach, Michael Kors, BOYY, etc. Although they did not have long story same as Hi-End brands, they are widely known all around the world with their affordable prices and fashionable designs  

Different but both are Perfect! You will clearly see the difference between Hi-End and Hi-Street brands. Due to the affordable prices of Hi-Street brands, it does not mean they produce a bad quality. Most Hi-Street products have good quality same as Hi-End products. No matter what brand of product you use. The most valuable thing is probably not the value of the product , but it is worth a meet your needs

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